Congratulations to our recent graduate, Hamsalekha Premkumar!


Hamsalekha Premkumar (she/her)

M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Bangalore, India

Twitter: @HamsalekhaPrem1

LinkedIn: @hamsalekha-p



Hamsalekha graduated with a MS in electrical engineering. Her research focused on radiomics-based machine learning analysis to distinguish between different types of musculoskeletal lesions and characterize the effect of inmmunotherapy on MRI data of patients with brain metastases. This technique helps to identify MRI-based radiomics features that escape human eyes, which can be used to develop non-invasive methods with improved prognostic capabilities. In addition, she worked on deep learning-based denoising of low SNR PET images for low-dose motion estimation. Hamsalekha will be joining Milwaukee Tool as a full-time NPD Machine Learning Engineer.

Hamsalekha’s advice to future graduate students:

“Make conscious efforts to not let others’ timelines decide your success. This takes your focus off of what you truly want.”

Congrats, Hamsalekha! MIMRTL is proud of you!