2019 SNMMI Abstracts Accepted!

Congrats to the team for success on Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) abstract submissions. These abstracts will be preseted as poster or oral presentations at the 2019 SNMMI meeting in Anaheim, California. This includes Sam (2x) for his abstracts “Data-driven rigid motion correction of PET brain images using list mode reconstruction” and “Evaluation of marker-based correction of head motion with integrated PET/MR using PET list mode reconstruction”; Helena (oral presentation) for her abstract “A deep learning‐based approach for direct whole‐body PET attenuation correction”; Haley for her abstract “On the use of routine clinical MR images for synthetic CT generation in the head using a deep learning approach”; and Alex for his abstract on “Evaluation of Quantitative Whole Body Dynamic FDG‐PET Using Block Sequence Regularized Expectation Maximization (BSREM) Reconstruction.” Congrats to all. See you at the meeting!